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Hater Free Apparel

Hater Free Apparel was founded by Tyreece Gray and Jason Cochran. Two African American men from the inner city of Kansas City, Kansas. We started with nothing, printing tee shirts in my mom’s basement. Then we moved up and started dealing with local screen printers and started selling 20 dozen tee shirts every weekend for a whole summer. Moved up again and started making men and women sweat-pants, sweat-shirts, polo shirts, button up shirts, an eventually denim jeans and shorts. I started putting the brand in stores that already carried apparel.

About Us

Some stores would place orders, and some would do consignment deals. We started attending the Magic Show in Las Vegas where we met manufacturers from China that worked with brands such as South Pole and G-Unit. Even without any real knowledge on how to import/export, we still were determined and had China manufacturer a long sleeve shirt with top quality embroidery, and I imported pallets of them into our country.

Since then, Hater Free apparel has been building relationships with quality manufacturers and designers in US, Pakistan, and China. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality authentic apparel.

With all the divide and hate that is in this country and around the world, I believe that the whole world needs to be Hater Free. Free from all hate. The opposite of hate is love and love is what Hater Free represents.